An hour with a beautiful woman!

An hour with a beautiful woman passes much quicker than an hour with the dentist. How long do you think 6 hours feels with a beginner's pottery class? Sometimes if I can just make it through the morning the afternoon seems to slip away quickly. It's that initial learning to center that can be so grueling. Then sometimes there is a student that starts off struggling and by afternoon things are starting to click. Once they get over the fear of the wheel the creativity starts to show. She took the end of the spoon and made this fish scale cup. I think that is an awesome first cup!  Talk about fear of the wheel. Because I had a full class and all wheels were spoken for I had to use my Uncle Jimmie's home made wheel to do the demos. It has two speeds- on and off. It is powered by a washing machine motor and goes pretty damn fast. I learned on this wheel so it was like a trip back in time. Because I use soft clay and a slow wheel this was like Toronto road rage for me.


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