Right now I’m in a groove. I really mean I’m focusing on grooves in the rim, foot and the handles. I’m more focused on the top and bottom than I am the middle.  I’ve always thought that the top should relate to the bottom. So if you are going to make an undulated rim then you make an undulated bottom. If you are going to have grooves in the rim then why not the foot?
I had always told my students that you should know what glaze you are going to use before you even start making the pot. This usually flies waaaaaaaaaaaaay over their heads. Now on these grooves a runny pooling ash glaze much like Danny Finnegan uses would look rather sexy. Me, I’m a one trick pony so I will glaze in my trusty “She Knows” and then wipe away the high points on the rim and foot.
A gallery I deal with “The General” put a call out for butter dishes so I thought what the hell. I haven’t made them in eons. The dang handle crept in again.  I then resisted turning these bowls into baskets so I wouldn’t get the question “What can you use it for?”. I also made some jugs that are nice and shapey then got carried away with handles again. I wonder with all this handle madness whether one day I’ll just make minimalist pots with no adornment? Next life,maybe! For the time being, I’m groovin’.   My work always changes and goes thru different ideas. Some hopefully get revisited. 

PS: I think you can see why I like a Thomas Stuart splashpan. I'm a workin' man!


chandler said…
Oh My! The General thinks your butter dishes are yumm yumm! cant wait!

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