Ban Ceramics Education

I’ve come up with a brand new plan. We need to scrap Ceramic Education in the schools. I can’t tell you how many students in the course of my 15 years of teaching at Sheridan College told me they sold more pots at the Guild Sale before they came to Sheridan than they do now as better potters. Don’t go pointing the finger at me! I was only a part time faculty and had them for a total of 7 weeks during their 3 year program.
I have 4 of my former students coming this weekend for a wood firing. Last long firing we discussed “how to keep love alive? This time the firebox conversation will be what the hell happened to my work? Why is it
not selling at the entry level like it used to?????
So if our plan as educators is to have our students gainfully employed in clay upon graduation then we need a brand new plan. We do need to make money. There is no way I want to eat Ramon noodles each day and I like my little Cactus Lounge and my old car.  I also like good pots! My definition of a good pot is copied from Hamada- A good pot is one that I like.
There are some great pots being made today. The best I have ever seen in my 64 year history. I feel a change coming. It is a small ground swell but it is enough to give me hope.
From my vantage point I have seen potters that made their best work while in college and the prospects of making a living has kept their work on hold for decades.
Same ole, same ole.
Making a living is important and they should stand proud.  I am most interested in those that have made a living and continually made outstanding work. Kayo Young is having a show at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas, Ontario in Sept. Kayo is one of Canada’s best kept secrets. His work in porcelain is ever changing, beautifully executed and he has made a good living. That deserves a standing O.


Annied01 said…
remind me not to take a class with you before I turn to pottery full-time in retirement... i'll need to at least be able to afford clay!!
Unknown said…
Just readin "Art and Fear" by David Bayles for the first (and not the last time.....) now...... Wondering whether this whole MFA stuff is a crock....make me and bake em!
Ronnie Espolt said…
I was told of a successful potter once, his wife had a job.

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