When you have a successful brand you don't need all the glitze and glamour. The hand painted word "FRED" means Fred J. Eaglesmith and The Travellin' Steam Show are in town. There are plenty of you scratching your heads and thinking who the hell is he??? Well, that just means you ain't a Fred Head. Fred is a Canadian singer songwriter with a huge following. I happen to be one. He is just down the road this weekend for his annual charity picnic and weekend of music, workshops, friendship and fun. I will put a couple of pops in my back pack and head on over.
Establishing a brand and a following is lots of work. I have heard some musicians that don't like him because of his promotional skills. I'd say eat crow. He delivers musically and has established a market. It's not the big stage, jet planes and limos but it is a living. He most likely jumps in a van or motor home and visits small towns all across the country singing songs about losing the farm, buying a gun and stuff people around here identify with.
Those in Ceramics that have established a brand can probably list only their first names and you can fill in the rest: Robin, Pete, Tom, Dan, Ron,  Paul, Rudy, Malcolm, Mick, David. Now their are new names popping up in wood firing- Perry, Mathew, Simon, Justin, Lindsay, David. How did ya do at the name game? There are no prizes for being able to read my mind.


Dennis Allen said…
Sounds like a wonderful evening of real music. I think you may have mentioned Fred in a previous post or that marvelous little book Stuck in the Mud. Anyway I recognized the name and wish I were there with you. Have fun

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