Finnegan's Wake

If Finnegan's Wake is one of the most difficult works of fiction then the the pulling of good handles has to be one of the most difficult of tasks for a potter. My cousin is in Ireland right now and sent me a pic of this cup from a museum in Galloway. She claims I must have some Irish in me because she knew I would love this cup with the crazy handle addition on the side. As I read her email I looked down at my morning high test that was in a Oh Danny Boy Finnegan cup. Gee, do you see any reference to his ancestry? I wonder if way back in our DNA influences lay waiting to get

let loose in our creative acts. We can't help who we are and what we make and who we love. It is programmed into our very souls. Hey Danny Boy I thought you'd love this cup too. Looking forward to seeing your face in Rochester. Well I'll only see part of your face. The rest of it is covered with your signature handle- the beard!


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