I'm on Meds!!!

During the drive home from NY State after firing the Amish Rocket with friends I felt a bit down in the dumps. Don’t know whether it had to do with the welcome I would receive from the yellow chair, or whether it was missing Andrew's hairy mugg, the thought of not going back to Sheridan College this Sept or that I felt my well was dry of things to make and deadlines are closing in.
Today I spent the day shopping at my local Amish veggie stand, putzing around cleaning the house and attending to the bills that never go away. I went over to Pinecroft to tidy up the studio for my Saturday class and then I sparked up the tractor to fetch some wood to be split and stacked. Split and stacked until a deer fly took a hunk out of me and I retreated home.
When I got home I thought gee I might as well prepare supper.  Then I cut the grass and I still hadn’t made anything in the workshop.
I liked the jugs I made last week so I set out to make some smaller shapey roundie jugs. Well after 6 o’clock I ain’t much of a thrower. After a few shapies collapsed the meds kicked in. Meds are a form Mick Casson made with great success. His jugs referenced the wonderful lead glazed Medieval jugs. Mine are a derivative of the Med with the curves on the saucer foot.  Tomorrow night after class I get my favourite night of music on CBC so I won’t need the meds to chase away the Blues. The Blues will chase away the meds.


smartcat said…
For a minute there I thought you had finally collapsed under all the stuff you manage to do and were on some drug! Then I read it and realized it was your usual strange humor at work! Best kind and a terrific bunch of meds!

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