Being Mortal

While in Newcastle on Tyne, Robin and I went to one of our favourite places- a great book store. For some reason I bought"Being Mortal" by Dr. Atul Gawande. It is a book about how we can live better with age related frailty, serious illness and approaching death. Not exactly a light read and one that was a tad depressing but worth while.
Last night it was brought home to me when I received a call from a dear friend of some not so cheerful health news.
I have had a week where my hands hurt and I find I'm moving a little slower than normal. It could be the scorching hot, humid weather or it could just be a sign that I can't do what I used to. I've got about 10 bundles of wood processed for the next two wood firings that are happening in the next two weeks. Please pray for rain and to give me the strength. In my youth I would have fired the kiln solo for up to 38 hours. Now I am lucky to have 3  friends on the team. Thanks Jen Drysdale, Duncan Aird and Norm Wheeler. Welcome to Tony's Fat Camp. It will be a scorcher!
Wood firing has been a big part of my life over my career as a potter. Now maybe I need to consider a good gas kiln and sail once a year on a wood boat with an experienced team at the helm. Mortality gives us good reason to look at our life's work and what we can do to keep the rock rollin' until the last stoke.


Dennis Allen said…
Tony you have earned your spot as elder statesman around any wood kiln. Recruit, point and grunt!
Hi, Tony. I just read "Being Mortal?. I, too, found it a bit depressing--though I have more cause to do that tnan you! However, I also found it valuable information. I'm working on some of the issues he brings up. That is something Jm has been wanting me to look at for a while.
Love following your posts on Facebook. Fondly, Gay
Marcia Selsor said…
I have been feeling the age lately too. Hands hurting. I think I may have ruptured something in my wrists. Still love the thrill of making pots and firing. Hopefully it is just the brutal heat. I am about 2000 miles South. Take care , Tony. You are a bigger than life figure to many of us.
Have a great couple of firings.

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