When we talk about kiln building we refer to catenary arches, sprung arches and Roman arches. Apparently the Romans took credit for what had already been done by the Etruscans. Here is an arch in the old city of Volterra

that I believe was built 200 years before Christ. So how on earth did they lift those massive stones so many years ago without cranes and forklifts?  How on God's green earth did they cut those arch stones so perfectly without the use of rotary blades on a massive saw?Why in creation did they build this wall so thick? How did they lift those stones up there? What kind of arch form did they use to support all this mass?  How did they build the ancient pyramids is once again brought into question. A medieval parade came thru the narrow streets with men sporting the most deadly looking cross bows I've laid eyes on. As luck would have it there was a farmer's market  on that day so we tasted beer, raw cheese, truffles, chocolate, meat, wine and was delighted to get a big chunk of lard. I had to turn my head  so as to not watch him eat that.  We went to a fine wine store and I bought a Nebbiolo and Rick bought a Barolo. I do prefer the big serious wines of the north to the lighter wines of the Chianti region.


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