Birds of a feather

In the past few days I have shown you a couple of my brothers and sisters in the clay family. This is my family- the clay community.  Yes, closer than the Clampits of Beverly Hills and the Walton's of Walton Mtn. Here is a great pictures of my brothers in Korea. These guys are amazing makers and guess what they flock together. You know why? If you want to play better pool, better tennis, better golf or make better pots who should you hang with? Play the very BEST!  You don't always play someone you can beat. You play someone better than yourself and you rise to the occassion.
I came home from BC with so much booty that I am glad I invested in some new Samsonite luggage. I always tell my students to buy pots and books. Surround yourself with good pots and good books. I was lucky enough to be gifted 3 great books on BC ceramics. Linda Doherty( The Energizer Bunny) gave me a book she published "Made of Clay- Ceramics of British Columbia", Glenn Lewis a former Leach apprentice gave me  "Thrown" - the BC apprentices of Bernard Leach  and their contemporaries". and my gracious hostess Gillian McMillan gave me a book on the rock hound of BC Tam Irving. I also lugged home about 5kg of raw ochre from a crick only known by my Mafia boss Frankie.
I got up at 5:30(dark) and went for a run. I was on BC time so it was actually 8:30. Got home and went straight to bed for 4 hours, did 4 loads of laundry, banking, groceries, mowed the lawn and then made supper. A man's work is never done!!!


Dennis Allen said…
Couldn't agree more about who to hang with.I'm not the best potter around but I'm friends with a lot of them. It raises my standards and keeps them there. I keep getting pickier about what I pack and what I whack so some decent stuff ends up in the booth.

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