Ship wrecked!

I’m home from The Shadbolt Centre in BC and I’m feeling a bit like a ship wreck. With the 3 hour time change my internal clock is all screwed up. I can’t sleep at night and then I sleep in till after 9 which is unheard of for me. Found myself asleep in my chair just before dinner. I have been draggin my anchor and avoiding the studio. Today I threw some no brainer bowls and got to a project I had thought of before heading to the Pacific. I saw this woven stick boat on sale at the furniture store for $5. I thought hmmmm that would make a nice mould for a shipwreck.  So today I poured a plaster mould which I will use as a hump mould to build my boat on. It is now 34 inches long so with additions we should be around 3 feet.

. The clay should take on the impression of the ribs and decay quite nicely.
How could anyone be bored when there just seems so many endless possibilities with this wonderful material? The possibilities only appear if your eyes are wide open.


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