No change in me!

I am hoping to have four ships in the fleet before the silver wings take me away across the puddle to Tuscany. I shurformed this one to make it a bit lighter. I just couldn’t reclaim all those interesting bits so they became the worm eaten wood of the ship. I tried making some cups and some thrown work but with only a couple of days in between gigs I just can’t muster up the energy. When you get back from a gig there is so much to catch up on and when you are leaving for a gig there is so much you need to do in preparation for leaving. I’ve already started filling in a 2016 calendar so I really must be careful to give myself some down time next year. I am sure many of you think all this travel and the pot parties are the best of two worlds. I wouldn’t mind a nice looooong courtship with my mistress the clay. She has had to play second fiddle this year with me leaving her for extended times. I look at my work and there has been so much change in it. Little wonder- changes in me, changes in the work. I guess that’s better than change in the weather, no change in me.

Today bike ride,  travel insurance, Euros, banking, post office cancellation of mail, Park n Fly coupon, laundry, vacuuming, pick up of oil furnace (sold on Kijiji), pull the Calla lily bulbs, mow lawn, finish and start a ship, and then off for an opening of a friends new store in Port Stanley. I plan to have a nice time with my buddy Doc in Italy. I think a shared bottle of Barolo on the patio with Doc overlooking the olive orchards of Tuscany will settle this scrambled brain.


Dennis Allen said…
I'm a man,
I can change,
If I have to.

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