That's about as much as I know about golf. Tried it a couple of times but the goofy pants and shoes didn't cut for me. Besides it interfered with my time in the studio.  Do one thing well! I got boat number four made and it's a funny thing about how old memories can sneak up ya when you are making something new. Of course this is not a literal reference but I made these tiny windshields and I thought of the old wooden inboards I used to love up in Muskoka. They had these tiny windshields, rumbled thru their dual exhausts the sound of a flat head 8 cylinder or sometimes they were blessed with a V-8. The wood was varnished and polished to perfection and usually the bottom was painted red. Often there was a flag waving on the back. I started adding fins like the old 57's. God only knows what I'll be up to on my return from Tuscany. Gondola's maybe although I will have travel further north to see them. Maybe I'll give up clay all together and take up golf. Four!!!


Dennis Allen said…
You know less about golf than you think. Fore !!!Once again you are putting the super in superfluous and finding success in excess !

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