How the other half live

We bid farewell to all our friends at La Meridiana and headed off by train to Florence where Rick and I were lucky enough to have a private tour of the city by one of the students- Jenny Kim. She is a Korean, from New York City that is now living the life  as an artist in Florence. Jenny treated us to a wonderful meal in a Trattoria that we would have never discovered. We were able to dodge most of the thousands of tourists in the city with her knowledge of the back streets and alleys. The riches and decadence of the wealthy are on display everywhere. A visit to the porcelain gallery of Richard Ginori established in 1735 and now owned by Gucci is unbelievable. I wouldn't dare ask how much a place setting of 12 might set you back. Some wonderful pinks and yellow glazes. Oops can't have that! There were dozens of different handles and spouts on display. Inspiration is everywhere if you just open your eyes.
I'm sitting here at the airport and there is not one single soul here. They close the airport at night. I'm just hoping security lets me sleep in this uncomfortable chair. Departures opens at 4:30am. Good thing I have good memories as this is going to be a looooooong night.


Annied01 said…
Sounds like you lucked out with the guide. Love the handles!

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