Looking for a 12 year old

If anyone out there has missed my ramblings and thought perhaps I had finally been committed or had fallen in a deep dark hole, well I did kinda. I have been in and continue to be in computer hell. I lost all my pics in iPhoto and then had to get my hard drive replaced. That lost my MicroSoft Office that I need to open all kinds of shit on this computer. I spent over 5 hours on the phone with someone in a foreign land trying to upload it. It is now downloaded but all has changed and I'm now the one in the foreign land. I need the help of a 12 year old.
I am just back from the Flower City Potters Invitational where I had a great time surrounded by the most incredible pottery. On my right Kenyon Hanson. On my left Bryan Hopkins then Mary Barringer and then Dan Finnegan and Peter Beseeker. Down the hall Jane Schellenbarger, Dick Aerni and Carloyn Stutz, Mark Shapiro, Doug Peltzman (great handles!!!!!) and Liz Quackenbush. If that ain't enough what a line up downstairs. Been wanting to meet Bob Briscoe for a long time. He is a big wonderful generous personality. The legendary eccentric Alfred prof John Gill in his pink tie, BIG RED glasses and his contagious enthusiasm for clay. There were Power Point lectures all day, a champagne toast and beautiful catered supper for all the potters. Beer, wine and best of all great company. I feel so blessed to have been asked and to be part of this family.
 So many highlights of this weekend- time with Dick and Carolyn at their home, the warmth and wisdom of my buddy Dan, swapping lies with Bob and two impromptu crits from John Gill. At the beginning of the show he said "You love clay! Not only does it show in the handles but in the work itself. Then on closing he said " Keep putting that energy into your work!" That and a $1.25 will get me a coffee at Tim Horton's but it enough to keep me going for awhile now.


Gayle said…
We were very glad to have you and all the other WONDERFUL potters at our center. It was a joy to have rock stars of pottery in our humble studio teaching and sharing. While not all of us could buy everything we wanted, we all got to fondle wonderful pots and learn from them. I do believe it will be even better next year as we all start now to save our money to buy even more great pottery next year!!!

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