The Long Ball

I’m sitting in the Vancouver Airport leaving the Promised Land to go to The Center of the Universe- Ontario, Canada. Thinking about new friends made and old friends I will miss.
Make new friends
But keep the old
One is silver.
The other is gold.
Sometimes when I get caught up in the moment I forget to take pictures for my blog. I didn’t take one pic at the unload of the train. Here are a couple of Cheryl's pics of the quiet zone at the back (not me I'm far from quiet).  My eyes were busy and there was so much to think about.  I can get off my knees and stop praying to the kiln God whoever she is. 

Conducting a workshop is stressful enough although I have delivered my fair share of them. When you are called into do a kiln firing there is additional stress. It is an unknown kiln, unknown variety of work, wood wet or dry, unfamiliar crew, weather, and most importantly expectations. All are there expecting a long ball home run. A single or a double is not good enough. All will settle for a triple but the long ball homer is the one they are expecting.
We had a lot of shino in the kiln so I had planned for a hot firing in the Cone 11/12 range and an oxidation cool. We made a big stoke at the end of the firing with every one of the crew stoking a celebratory piece of wood.  We then closed up the kiln from the air back to the chimney. There was a bit of drama with the flames licking out the available cracks between the peep holes and the kiln. The good news is we hit the long ball. Everyone on the train gang got parole and a take home prison tattoo . The kiln had left some beautiful marks and all went away with a gift of  some lovely work, some new found friendships and expectations of the next train ride.  Ted Neal emailed to ask how the floor of the kiln was holding up. When you are asked to lead a kiln building workshop the kiln is forever yours. Nice job Ted. The kiln is an absolute beauty!!!


Annied01 said…
they all look like racers!! Congratulations!!
Dave Mc said…
Well done Tony, sorry I missed you yesterday.
gz said…
a good firing! Nice one

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