Italian Stallion

We had a long day in Siena today touring the city and basically shopping, eating and drinking. It is a very classy city with no chains like we are accustomed to in North America. I did see a Foot Locker but that was it! No Golden Arches, no KFC, no Dunkin' Donuts and all the junk food stores we see in Anytown, North America. I wanted something to take home and I have been in search of a yellow leather belt for some time. I got one in a beautiful shoe store that made hand made shoes. Man, oh man were they beautiful shoes. I saw this pair that were totally me- green, yellow, and orange crocodile skin. They had beautiful leather soles and nice little metal cleats on the toe and heel to let people know you are coming and wearing a killer pair of shoes. We had a great chat as this craftsman made shoes in England and spoke very good English. The shoes were $980 Euros and made to order. That would only be about $1500 Cdn dollars for me. I opted for the yellow belt cut to measure. Sure wish I had a job that would give me the coin and the occasion to wear such beautifully crafted dawgs.
I had my picture taken with this voluptuous chick

in the courtyard of the Domo.


Anonymous said…
Where on earth do they find colored crocodiles?!?

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