Dear John

This picture of the woman blowing bubbles is for you Professor John Neely of Utah State University. I get my best material from the darnedest places. My favourite form is one that looks like it is full of air. You John told us to imagine farting in the bath tub and seeing the form of the bubble. I use that one all the time.
On my flight from Amsterdam to Toronto I watched a Dutch film "J. Kessel "with English subtitles. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the lines. How's this one? "."It's like trying to catch an eel in a bowl of snot".
Today I found myself catching up on the endless pile of stuff that accumulates when you are away. The bills, the correspondence, the laundry, the housekeeping, the power nap at 3pm when it felt like
I had been up forever. No wine, no bread, no pasta, no cheese,
 no dessert for lunch. Have I been kicked out of heaven and landed in hell? I had a scrambled egg for lunch washed down with water and lemon. I went for a run this morning. First one in weeks. I had looked at the weight scales in horror.  Reality sucks!


Barbara Rogers said…
I wonder how those who feast Italian style frequently manage to walk around in bodies that aren't huge (maybe lots of passionate sex-ercise!)

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