Jack and Old Yeller

I’m home sweet home in my little man cave in Aylmer, Ontario. Thank you all for sharing my journey to Tuscany with me and the crew. I had a great gang to work with. One student from Israel had never throw clay before and she went away with several dozen very successful pieces and get this- some were lidded forms. It was a gruelling trip home and I’m pooped! I love to get home to my yellow chair. Her arms are always open and welcoming.  I like to fall asleep for a wee power nap with her arms wrapped around me. Before I left I had discovered a woman in town that made teddy bears from old pieces of clothing. I had a pair of my Dad’s coveralls I had been keeping in a tote in the basement. I have a fond memory of him in those coveralls burning the grass in front of my pottery and setting the telephone pole on fire. Creosote soaked telephone poles light up pretty nicely. Luckily the creek was near by and we put the fire out without the embarrassment of calling the fire department. My Dad’s name was Jack so my bear is named Jack the Bear. Jack the Bear and the yellow chair were here to welcome me home.  I’m not really a dog person. I love cats but I’m allergic to them so Jack is my new pet. We shared a glass of wine together and I told him of my tales of the road. Got my tunes on, chomping on some of Dan’s Virginia peanuts, a glass of wine in hand and a mind flooded with memories of new friends and fresh lies to tell.  Good to be home with Jack and Old Yeller.


Dennis Allen said…
Thanks for sharing your trip with us.
Annied01 said…
Welcome back, it will be interesting to watch how you change one tiny thing after this trip and move your work in another direction as you seem to enjoy that road to discovery as much as we your fan club do.

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