The Circle of Life

You can’t see it on my photo but while sitting here waiting for the silver wings to take me home I noticed that inside the jet turbines there was the circle of life. The same whoopee I accentuate in the bottom of my vessels and the same one I trim into the foot ring. I spent the last night in a disco bar with a ex Navy guy turned dancer from Singapore. We both had planned to sleep in the Florence airport but Security kicked us out. It wasn’t a pretty sight as the Guard tried to kick my new found friend while he was sleeping on the floor. Push came to shove and we were ushered out the door with two guards shouting “Exit, Exit, Exit. Jay the dancer and I sat in this disco espresso bar for over 5 hours and talked of the artist’s life. We talked of riches and we talked of doing what you love to do.  What was amazing to me was that he hugged me when we left each other at the departure gate at 4:30am when they allowed us back into the airport. I thought perhaps our two friends would be waiting for us to give us grief but all went smoothly. I’m now in Amsterdam waiting for the Big Bird to deliver safely home to the yellow chair.


smartcat said…
Different airports have very different rules; that's for sure. I have met some terrific people in airports and on planes.
Thanks for all the posts about the workshop and travels.....perhaps someday.....!
Enjoy being home and relaxing in your favorite chair. To say nothing of the handles.
Barbara Rogers said…
After you have been squeezed into aircraft seats for hours, I'm sure you'll enjoy that yellow chair. I've enjoyed your posts about your trip and am so glad you shared pottery that you saw. Thanks!

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