My health consultant Doc Rick Agel sent me an email the other day  that included one word “ purpose”. I’ve been thinking about purpose now for two days. I think way too much.
 In another life I was a high school teacher and fell on my head one day, woke up and decided I would give up the salary, the benefits, and the pension to become a potter. Most of my teacher peers are now retired and so I’ve heard some are sitting at the local donut shop reading the paper and looking at shopping specials.  A life without purpose is not one I would want..

So is purpose only working???? Today I went for a long walk in a 600 acre sanctuary that includes some majestic beech trees. The sky was blue, the air was clean, the rustle of the leaves beneath my feet and the sounds of the babbling brooks were fresh and clean today. Of what purpose was all this? I rarely allow myself the luxury of “nothing”. Here is a pic of Doc and I having a Cuban Chohiba

cigar and a fine Belgian beer in Tuscany. Italian Big Pot Man Super Mario had the same idea.  We were with new friends Roni from Israel, Teja from Slovenia and Noami from Spain. Of what purpose was all this? It’s a new concept I learned in Italy. It’s called “Now”.


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