I don't think there is much argument that to be really, really good at something it demands single minded devotion. It's the old Malcolm Gladwell theory- Do you want to be good at something? Put in 10,000 hours. Good golf swing- 10,000 hours, good tennis serve- 10,000 hours, good handles- 10,000 hours.
I have had the pleasure this year to work with Ottawa's Jen Drysdale. Jen is all about devotion. She had been entirely devoted to the wood firing process and the making of good pots for that firing process. If you have a chance and are within striking distance of Ottawa go to 260 Finger Show this weekend in the Nation's Capital. You need one of Jen's thoughtful pots in your collection. While you're there check out my buddy Reid Flock's polar opposites of Jen. If I could write Reid's artist's statement it would read " Don't hide!" Jen will own the kitchen and Reid the living room. To all my many clay

friends at 260 Fingers kick some serious butt and take names. All the best, T


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