I'm a BAD Man

Sometimes bad is good! One of my life long heroes is Cassius Clay. I respected him so much I named my kiln “Cassius Clay. It can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.  He epitomizes someone who stood up for what he believed and would suffer the consequences.  I can still see him saying” I’m a bad man!”Doc Agel does a great impersonation. Standing up for what you believe in is not something many are up to. Change is made by the very few that dare to stand up for themselves. In standing up for themselves, they stand up for others. 
One time many years ago I was at The New Orleans Blues and Jazz Festival where I was enjoying a wobbly pop with a rather large African American man and his bride. We were yuckin’ it up when the crowd went crazy. On the stage came Ernie K. Doe. I said who the hell is he? My large friend said “Man, Ernie K Doe is the badest singer in Nawlins!” I said “ He’s that bad?” He answered with a laugh “No BAAAAAD is GOOOOD! Ernie was famous for the 60’s song Mother in Law which I of course knew because my older brother was President of Teen Town and would bring home 45’s for us to listen to.

Today I look like I took a right hook from the big man himsel  but I took it from a small woman Dr. Lozinskil. This is payment for a young white man wanting to be brown and staying out in the sun too long. I had to have a nasty taken from my forehead so with that I got a shiner.  There’s always a price to pay for vanity.


Dennis Allen said…
None of us old guys are getting any prettier.

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