Tyranny of Comparison

Tell my boss I won’t be in to work in the morning.
Had my wood firing gang here for the past 3 days firing the kiln. Kiln fired off like a champ with a good Cone 11 flat top, bottom,back and front.
As with every firing the guard dogs were on duty. Roxy is attacking Emma with love until she finally surrenders. Love conquers all.
There is always good discussion around the firebox about love, life and pots.  This firing had comparisons between those that sell well and those that make well and don’t sell all that well. It is the tyranny of comparison that we all find ourselves struggling with. Contests, competitions and craft sales all thrive on comparisons.  Is the most beautiful woman really the most beautiful person? Is the one that sells the most the winner of the competition? Some will say it is not a competition. Huh!

I must say that over the course of almost 16 months our wood firing mentorship has been going the group has pulled for one another. It is a group that care more about the team than their own personal success. The work has become very individual and special to each member.  We have one more firing together and then it is all over but the crying. What comparisons will be drawn about the work and the process? When I taught at Sheridan it was family until the final show and then it got competitive. Awards, scholarships, $$$$ was handed out and things changed.



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