My town

I live and make pots in the small town of Alymer in southwestern Ontario. It would not be considered the cultural capital of our nation.  It doesn’t have a chi chi coffee shop, a book store or a decent wine bistro.  Most people drive pick ups and the men and many women wear ball caps and camoflauge pants and shirts. People say hello to you on the streets- even the teenagers .
Just this past week I arrived home
with my Geil and a pug mill weighing 430 lbs. First problem was to move the dang kiln with a pallet jack. I went to see a farmer friend of many years. He had a pallet jack and we threw it in the back of his pick up. One problem solved. I said””Glenn I don’t want to burden ya with my problems but I have this 430 lb monster I need to get down to my basement. His answer” I’ll git the boys and we’ll git ‘er done!. Tonight they arrived and in 10 minutes with a lot of muscle we had ‘er done.

I love this town! These people are the salt of the earth.  They are hard working and decent people. I tried the city life for 2 years and it just wasn’t me. Lots of things about city life I loved- the chi- chi coffee shops, the book stores and the great dining. I’d rather live here in My Town and remain the talk of the town with my yellow glasses, my pink t-shirts, a young man staying at my house all summer (Andrew), 5 or 6 women coming over and staying here for a firing (my mentorship group) and all this crazy activity that seems to be going on in the basement. Is it pot???? Yep, it is!


Dennis Allen said…
You will love the pug mill. Mine is a lot smaller and I even run my fresh bagged clay through it.Don't even weigh clay, just measure it! Thanks for the handle tip on the blog. I'll take it under advisement.
smartcat said…
Nothing beats good neighbors!
Anonymous said…
Nice description of my childhood home town!
Cambria Pottery said…
Nice tales as always, keep them coming please.

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