Love conquers all!

I've long wanted to open my house to friends to show off some good work, drink some wine and share in our companionship. I'm doing it next weekend. I have a collection of pots I have made over the past year and 5 or 6 wood firings. It has been an amazing year with lots of change in store for me.
My friend Jen Drysdale is down stairs working on her pots and she came up to see me cutting and colouring away at my invite that I will hand deliver to the awesome people of my community. I was huffing and puffing away cutting out Christmas trees and ripping paper and she said " Are you tired of doing arts and crafts?" I laughed and said " No, I love every part of this job of mine!".
So if you can make it I will have my living room full of one off's and the downstairs studio will have tables full of $20, $30,$40 and $50 bargoons!
Friends are coming over to help me meet and greet.
Thanks everybody, I really, do appreciate you.
P.S Read Carter Gillies blog. Love conquers all!  Giving, giving, get!  What comes around goes around. I hope you are rewarded, Carter.


Vicki Hamilton said…
Oh my goodness! I soooo want to be there!
Annied01 said…
Omg! If my mother wasn't moving next weekend we would drive down!! Have a good one!!
Dave McGuigan from the dark side said…
Merry Christmas Tony! Wish we could join you, but as you know Burnaby is a bit of a hike. All the best to you in the New Year!
carter gillies said…
Thanks T!
Love truly does conquer all :)
Have some fun, and good luck finding new homes for all your fabulous pots!
smartcat said…
Toes crossed for many sales and good times for all!
Unknown said…
How does a fan from far away get her hands on one of your beautiful pots??? I'd love one of those bargoons!
smokieclennell said…
Susan Just email me. I'll photograph a pot, and if ya like it I ship it to ya. Thank for being a fan. I like people that like me. :)

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