A Person of Colour

I harken back to my first meeting with the Hamilton Potter's Guild Mentorship Group where I made the pronouncement that wood fire didn't have to be brown. I then proceeded for almost 18 months to make brown pots using one shino glaze that went either white, orange or brown but mostly brown. At the Rochester Potter's Invitational Show my buddy Dan Finnegan subtly suggested I needed to include colour. That moment wasn't lost on me Danny Boy. We just unloaded our last firing of 2015 and of the mentorship and I had da blues!  I am happily applying thick slip and watching what wood ash can do to a glaze with some cobalt and copper in it.
In Rochester I noticed the makers that were potter's of colour were selling out. At my home sale the ones that had colour are all gone and the brown remains. They're good pots butttntttttttttttt they are brown.
Tomorrow I unload a load of carbon trap shino with copper and cobalt slips and some liners of copper red and rutile/cobalt blue. I got a mortgage and this starving artist wearing a brown hat sucks.


Dennis Allen said…
I sell some brown pots but the green, blue, or the black with red combination move a lot faster. With my shino, the more orange the better.Ten times a day customers say they were drawn in by the colors. p.s. North Carolina Potters Conf. is a go. I registered today.
Annied01 said…
Oh Lordy you got the blues!! Lovely !! ;)
Cyndi said…
Love the new colors, Tony. I know it hurts to have to do blue.
Pat Shuster said…
Loving the blues! And colors are the sellers now....;)

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