Too Stupid to Quit!

Thanks Carter for the NY Times article.  Maybe if I wait long enough I’ll be in again. I always thought I was just too stupid to quit. It is true that night classes at guilds and community centers all over the nation are full to overflowing. Although this is a worry in the terms of the quality of ceramics that is flooding the market, I look at it another way. This is my market!!! They are the very people that have kept me gainfully employed with workshops over the past 5 years. I have developed ways of working over the past 35 years of making pots that people want to learn. I love doing the work shops. I love making pots too but I don’t want to do it day after day all by my lonesome in my basement studio. I’m a social being and need the interaction with people so I figure I have the best of two worlds. I am pretty tired from this year’s changes and globe trotting so my plan is to stay home for a couple of months and make pots. My blog and the internet keep me in touch with other potters and that is so important to me.

Yesterday after being tired from the wood firing I took the day off and hung California blinds in The Cactus Lounge and stripped wall paper in my kitchen. I thought the ivy paper was pretty ugly but found the butterfly layer below that even more hard on the eyes. Then plywood and not drywall. I have all these wallpaper ceiling borders throughout the house- 70’s I think! Gee maybe they’ll come in again just as I take them down. Whenever something comes in I go out!


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