I want burning!

In my small town I talk to almost everyone, and everywhere. Sometimes you can feel the energy you bring to a person by your welcoming presence. Try being nice! It really works!!!
So I have over the past few years enjoyed talking to a woman at the liquor store where I go pick up a couple of cans of beer. She looks interesting and it turns out she is interesting. She dropped by my open house and we had a glass of wine together. She is amazingly well read and it turns out she and I share a love of Coleman Barks. He is a poet in Carter’s hometown of Athens, Georgia. I heard him speak accompanied by  a cellist at NCECA (the Randall Session) and he was one of the best speakers I have ever experienced. So the other day I go for my couple of cans and my friend says “Here, Tony I have a CD of poems by Coleman Barks for you entitled “
I want burning”.
Wow, I even love the title. I want burning, not smouldering.  Isn’t that the way to live your life? It’s better to wear out than rust out!  Live your life at high heat with Cone 11 bending after a long hold and plenty more wood to burn.  Ronnie sent me this flick to watch of Warren MacKenzie still working at age 91. http://twilightofthemasters.com Inspir

One of the poems reads “ Say I am you!” Well that puts the shoe on the other foot of the person that says “If I were you.” I would do it differently. I would do it my way. Instead of your advice to me I will be you for a moment. That is a powerful sense of self confidence.

Feeling confident about the contrast of colours on my new carbon trap shino work.


Ashley said…
Those pots are fantastic! I am drooling over all of them, especially the handled bowl in the front as well as it's mate behind and to the right. The upside down bowl/cup is brilliant. love the colours, but I really love a good carbon trap shino. In my next life, I will hopefully have more money than brains and will be able to afford these nice things, but currently it's the other way around :)
Holly G said…
Fabulous. excellent burning.

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