Where there's Smokie there's fire!

Here is a pic of me and Smokie Too with our eyes on the pyrometer waiting to stoke the wood kiln. Cassara in the background gaming!  Timing is critical with wood kilns and with life. Stoke too hard, too early and you will smother the flame and the temperature will plummet. Wait too long and the fire will go out. So how do we keep the fire alive and getting hotter with each year? There is a right time for everything! Life like the wood kiln also needs your undivided attention. Keep your eye on the pyrometer of life!
Coleman Barks refers to being drowning at sea only to find himself on the beach and then washed out to sea and then back to shore. The back and forth of life or the rise and fall of the temperature with each stoke of the kiln. I am envious of those that seem to be able to achieve perfect combustion. I know what works with the kiln now to figure out how to apply the same principles to life. For many years I could fire the kiln solo for 32+ hours. I needed no one! I only had to get into the right zone. I'm told I was usually in a bad mood for days before. I’m tempted from time to time to see if I still have it in me but then martyrs are only celebrated when they are dead.

I made some little tea cups referencing the ones I used in Korea. They are small for our culture so I’m going to have a wee whiskey in one.  Hey Doc, see the self love going on!!! I’ll toast all of you and wish you the best of health and good pots in 2016. I’m off to be surrounded with love on Christimas Eve and Day with my two kids Jay, Robin and 3 grand daughters Olivia, Abby, Julia and family. I am so proud of them all. The best pots I have ever made.

 I’ll stoke again the day after Christmas. Need to wait this stoke out for a few days. It has been a big one!  


smartcat said…
You are doing some mighty fine glazes these days, Mr.C!
Like the little cups.

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