Owning your narrative

One of the biggest buzz words in art schools today seems to be “narrative”. What is the narrative of your work?  In plain English what’s your story?

I think in life and in craft it is important that you write your own narrative. Our lives and our work are influenced by others but when it is completely dependent on others it is not a strong foundation to build your story on. Hence the saying “Stand on your own two feet!” What person of courage will live their life in the opinion of someone else?  I’m full of admiration for my friend Carter Gillies . Read his blog and see the love and dedication to his craft.  Carter had a relationship ( a teaching job) that went south after an extended period of time. Someone figured they would change his narrative-that of being a practicing potter. I remember at the time Carter was feeling like he got kicked below the belt and was considering work at Walmart. Sometimes necessity is the Mother of Invention. Carter dug down in his creative well and came up with what I think is a brilliant expression of love. He says his trade of a Christmas ornament for a child’s song, poem or drawing has made for his best show ever. He didn’t say the best financially successful sale ever, although that is my wish for him.  Parents of those children recognized Carter’s authenticity and hopefully spoke with their pocket books. He took control of his narrative that someone else had disregard for. Be of courage!


Vicki Hamilton said…
Made me cry, T. I got it. Completely. Been working on it for so many years.
carter gillies said…
Thanks T..... :)

Yeah, its been tough going lately, but the support I have been shown in other quarters has been very affirming. The sale was a great expression of that support and folks DID buy a lot of pots. I'm a lucky guy :)
smartcat said…
Wonderful post, Tony!
Now I'm reading Carter Gillies blog! There's always something to explore!

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