Amber Alert!!!! Elf Missing!!

This is Jack the Bear and me in the morning of the second day of my sale having a coffee and wondering how it will all shake down. Sunday was a slower day but a very good one and I want to send out a HUGE thanks to all my friends that supported this first ever sale at my home. I know for sure how blessed I am to do what I do for a living and to be supported by good people that care about things that are made with love.
All have gone home and Jack and I were left staring at one another. I felt rather lonely so I borrowed one to the neighbours inflatable elves for the night. I promise it will be a one night stand and I'll return it in the morning. A bit of banking in the morning and then I have to get back to work. Oh the life of a potter elf!


smartcat said…
Toes crossed that said elf enjoyed his stay!
Here's to continued great sales
Dennis Allen said…
Glad it went well. A sale is hard work no matter how you do it.
Anonymous said…
Hope that elf wasn't just full of hot air!
I doubt the neighbors missed one elf from their menagerie! Glad to hear your sale was a success.

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