The Way Things Are!

I always frown when someone asks how tall I am? I don’t think a person ( man or woman) is measured in feet, inches, millimeters or centimeters. How can you measure the size of their heart or the extent of their courage? I’ve seen big men tremble and small men punch far above their weight. 
I spent Christmas Day with my two kids, my 3 grandchildren and family. My son Jay could best be described as built like a brick shit house. It would take a hellava wind to blow that guy over.  He is a paramedic in downtown Toronto where a normal day includes being sworn at, spit at, punched and kicked. This all happens when trying to help someone in distress. Robin is a labour leader and has a mouth that would stop you dead in your tracks before you ever tried to punch, spit or kick.
I watched them yesterday with their children and they are wonderful parents. They are loving, caring and very present.  They will raise good kids.
I drove the 3 ½ hours home on Christmas Day night because I knew Jack the Bear had been two nights alone in the yellow chair and he was probably getting lonely.  When I got in I sat on the couch with Jack poured a nice cool glass of white wine and smiled.  I smiled at the way things are.  I’m a happy camper! This is pic of my son Jay with his new niece Julia and his mum Gayle who I started my pottery career with over 40 years ago. We went our separate ways but we have always displayed to our children that bridges are better than bombs.  Good people can change and take different paths. Our love of the kids never ever wavered.
I am copying this for you Barb Murphy. It resonates with me and I figure it will you too!

What is Life
Life is an opportunity              Avail it
Life is beauty                          Admit it
Life is a bliss                           Taste it
Life is a challenge                   Meet it
Life is a dream                         Realize it
Life is a duty                           Perform it
Life is a game                         Play it
Life is a journey                      Complete it
Life is a love                            Enjoy it
Life is a mystery                     Unfold it
Life is a promise                     Fulfill it
Life is a sorrow                       Overcome it
Life is a song                           Sing it
Life is a struggle                     Accept it
Life is a tragedy                      Brace it
Life is an adventure                Dare it

-Sita Ram


Dennis Allen said…
Sounds like a Merry Christmas. Follow it up with a Happy New Year.
smartcat said…
Happy are the families that maintain their connections even when traveling separate paths.

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