New Year’s Eve at the Casino

No, I’m not going to the Casino tonight! I have been twice in my life. I lost $20 in less than a minute both times and figured toooooooooooooo hell with this. I work too hard for my money to gamble it away.
Today, I’ve been thinking that living your life as an artist is a bit like going to the casino. On any given day you could loose it all. An art center could decide not to renew your contract, You could have a disastrous firing in a large kiln with months of your work in it. Your banker could decide to recall your mortgage. Your work could cease to be the flavour of the month. Your health could make you bed ridden or unable to work for an extended period of time. What gives artist’s the tenacity to do this? I heard tight rope walker Phillipe Petit interviewed and he explained that he is “inhabited” by his art. He has no other choice but to make his art.
I have told others that now I have so much mud on my resume no one can read it so I have no other option but to make pots. I think I would be a good bartender, Wal Mart greeter or maybe go back to teaching high school part time. I just don’t want to do anything else but make pots.  Tenacity or stubbornness? Strong back and weak mind! I plead guilty to all.

Tonight I’m going to treat myself to some steamed mussels and salad
, pour a nice glass of wine and toast all of you makers that are inhabited by your art.  These are my last pots of 2015. Any money you spend on you and your art is not a gamble. It is an investment in 2016 and forever!  Gan bei ( means dry glass literally). Gan bei to you my friends and all the very best of health and happiness for 2016.


Dennis Allen said…
Thanks Tony Same to you.I always say I don't need to go to a Casino to gamble, I do art shows.
smokieclennell said…
Dennis You have all the best lines. Bottoms up! t
Anonymous said…
Life is beautiful !
It is all up to you to be think positive !
At least, when I am playing with mud, I am very happy ..

Tony ,All the best luck and happiness around you a new year .
Keep it up positive a successful new year !
smartcat said…
Hares and Rabbits!
Here's to many more pots in 2016!
ooooo said…
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