Family Photos

We loaded the big bourry  box wood kiln today in record time and we were back at the Cactus Lounge for our meat fest. We got the kiln loaded and within minutes there was a torrential rain storm. We had some nice pots go in to the kiln and all is set for a two day firing. This is the last firing of this crew until our show "Hours and Ours" at the Carnegie Gallery in Dundas on Feb 5-28. I am so pleased that my house is a home where all are welcome for food, drink and friendship. When these guys leave after a firing my fridge is all packed with good food and bottles of delicious substances. You have to be a friend to have friends. These people are amongst the best of friends. Tomorrow the fire starts at 6 am and our target fire off is the next day in the afternoon. The stack looks good, the wood is stacked and dry, the crew is anxious and enthusiastic and now all we need is the kiln God's to smile on us. I am a sucker for a nice smile!


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