Making Your Own Luck

  I'm not one to sit and wait for luck to happen.

I have written before that I have this superstition that if I see a heron during the day I am going to have a great day. Today I took some of the wood firing crew down the road to a friend's bird sanctuary. This is a very serious bird sanctuary with birds from all over the world. Many of these birds are on the extinction list. He is trying to make sure that never happens and has successfully introduced many endangered species back into their natural habitat. He is a personality and kept us entertained with stories from all over the world while we walked his 2 acres of habitat for birds.
So we saw 4 Manchurian cranes and many other exotic cranes so does this mean this firing is going to rock? I hope so! It is our last of 2015. The last for this mentorship and we'd all love to end this love affair on a high note. Go Cranes, Go!


Dennis Allen said…
I too believe in making my own luck. Now if I had a way to make it GOOD luck....
smartcat said…
Luck comes to those who work for it.

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