I'm alright Jack

Yesterday Andrew and Victoria came for supper and a visit. He was resident at Watershed for the summer. His bio just keeps getting longer.  He is off to WVU to finish his third and final year of Grad school. Time flies. After we said goodbye Jack the Bear and I sat back and listened to the Blues. That's a Oribe inspired cock roach pillow Andrew made when he was in textiles at OCADU.
Holger Peterson was interviewing Dion who I didn't realize is an awesome blues guy. He talked of his near miss  getting on the plane with Buddy Holly. The most memorable line was when Dion asked Buddy Holly about success. His answer was" I don't know anything about success but I know that failure is when you try to please everyone!'
This line comes at the perfect time when my bank account could use a jolt. Stay true to your work.  Don't ya just love the trimming on the Japanese Iga tea bowl. Hand trimming a heart into the foot. Ain't that sexy?


smartcat said…
What a charming foot. I always get an extra little kick of joy when I turn a pot over and see something special on the bottom?

Jack looks like a cool dude in his shades!

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