30,000 lbs of bananas

I was reminded of my love of the music of Harry Chapin when I was a young 27-year-old high school teacher.  I went to see him in concert at Massey Hall in Toronto twice. Harry left us tragically at far too early an age.
I’m packing and shipping my pots to the Flower City Potters Invitational in Rochester.  Banana boxes make the perfect shipping container.  I ship them on a pallet so I have no fear of the fragile sticker meaning under hand and not over hand. I heard that for shipping you need to pack so that the parcel can fall 9 feet without breakage. That would be a big job for the number of pots I am sending.
I think I made these bowls the day after the Clinton/Trump debate. I don’t know what I was thinking with that phallic handle. If I label them Trump bowls I likely won’t sell any.
I am so looking forward to spending the weekend with my potter friends. Being invited to this show is a bit like being invited to be on stage with Harry Chapin at Massey Hall. It is a huge privlillege to be in the company of those whose work you admire.

Birds of a feather really means there is safety in numbers. We as a flock gather together to show what an amazing assortment of interesting birds we are.


Dennis Allen said…
Boner Bowls. Gotta be a sales pitch in there somewhere.
Gayle said…
We are so looking forward to your visit.

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