Trade ya a greenie for a brownie.

I remember in Elementary school when some kid other than yourself  was picking his nose you would say “ I’ll trade ya a greenie for a brownie.” Other classics were “pick me a winner, or don’t pick your nose you’ll poke your eyes out!.” So great being a kid when PC is out the window.
The scratch I can’t itch told me that green pots don’t sell. I looked around my house and sure enough I don’t have any green pots other than my favourite Richard Batterham’s and the pots I bought last year in Korea. I do have a pile of brownies in every shade of the somber palette.
Here are some pics of my green stage. I rather like the pots. I was a poster boy for MKM stamps at the time and I loved what I called Korean celadon on those pots. Another time I was told shino didn’t sell so I devoted more than a decade to proving that wrong. I made some pots this week and thought I’d love to revisit my greenies. Does that happen to you in your careers? You go back and revisit a period and try to bring new life to it.
These pots and the little shino bottle were from my train kiln that I tore down and moved to the big city lights of Hamilton

exactly 5 years ago today October 28th, 2011. It was also the very date I hosted Robin Grass Hopper at Sheridan College. It turned out to be the last workshop Grass would ever do.  Enjoy your work! Enjoy your friends. Enjoy your life! It sneaks up on you


Anonymous said…
For me: greenies are better light and delicate, brownies heavier with mass.

Why does one move on?
One moves on:
- You have fully explored and exhausted the possibilities.
- Put your toe in and it's not for you, not a fit.
- You're so bad at it you get kicked out of the club.
- You suffer from ADD.

Reason for going back:
- Didn't really explore the possibilities (almost impossible to do) the first time in.
- You don't know what you got till it's gone.
- "An itch is an itch" as he tried to get the cone off his head to lick his ....
- You happen on a stash of ritalin.

From what I can tell from reading your blog for a year or so now that you know it never hurts and is in fact healthy to turn the tables to see what you see. That old Nobel Laureate said Don't Look Back and he also said Don't Think Twice It's Alright Babe. It usually comes to, can you afford to take the time and expend the resources to explore all the possibilities. ...dh
smokieclennell said…
dh; What a wise commentary. Really great in fact. Thanks, t

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