Nasty Women

It seems the world over has nasty women leading the pack. I am the Warden at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts and I get this group of nasty women out on

a weekend of parole for good behaviour to fire the wood kiln. Missing from the chain gang is Emma Smith. She was in solitary confinement that weekend subject not to making license plates but Christmas ornaments. A woman has to pay for her cigars and other bad habits somehow.
I get to unload the wood kiln tomorrow that the London Potter’s Guild fired last weekend and I’m getting ready for these nasty women the end of November. When you walk Death Row you get to request a decent dinner so the gang asked for Uncle Don Caverly’s Smokin’ Ribs. They all got a remand on their death sentence so I have to be sure to provide them with another meal come November. Never argue with a nasty woman that carries a big stick. If you don’t beat them they’ll give you the finger and then gang up on you and flog you to death with firewood.
I never turn my back. I've had lots of experience with nasty women. Seems I'm attracted to them. 

These pics are from a firing we did in the August heat of 32degrees F or about 90 degrees F.  Doc in Georgia thinks that is a mild hot. We all suffered from dehydration and heat exhaustion that weekend so we had to drink copius amounts of red wine to get our legs under us.
Just had to add one of my wood fired porcelain teapots. 


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