Here is a pic of the 11 pallets of wood members of the London Potter’s Guild went thru this weekend at Pinecroft. 11 pallets of cut and stacked wood, plus two trailers full of off cuts and two tractor bucket loads of more wood. That is a lot of energy along with the combined energy of the 8 LPG members plus Cassara and myself. Wood firing teaches so much about history, clay and glazes, physics, combustion and most of all team work. This is not a solo endeavour. It depends on the combined efforts and energy of a team of committed people. It is a game of inches were each stoke gains you an inch or maybe a couple more. Take you eyes off the wheel or stop to chat and you loose the inches that took you hours to gain. This was firing #16 of the wood kiln and it performed as it usually does- Cone 11 flat everywhere. This is testament to a good kiln and a good crew.

Some stokers take fashion to it’s red neck extremes with plaid jackets and bandana pose scarfs.   


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