What are you waiting for?

Everybody is waiting for something
The burglar is waiting for the night
The preacher is waiting for the groom.
The groom is waiting for June
Jack is waiting for Jill
Everybody is waiting for something.
Some lines from my new John Prine album “For Better or Worse”
I ain’t waiting for nuthin’
This is your life, no dress rehearsal- Gord Downie- The Tragically Hip
Off to Toronto to see my 2 kids and 3 grandaughters. It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in The Promised Land of Canada. We eat all the best turkeys and leave the scrawny tough old birds for our friends south of 49 to eat a month later.
This is a weekend of being thankful for the harvest we have been blessed with. I put together these pumpkins and flowers for the ladies in in my life that I think would enjoy them. Kids love flowers too!
Just another use for those dang yunomi’s that didn’t sell.
Roasted pumpkin seeds with butter and salt for tomorrow's ball game- yummy!
Bless you all this weekend. Eat, drink, dance, love and be crazy. This is your life so live it large. What are you waiting for?


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