It seemed impossible!

Tomorrow night I’m having dinner in Rochester with my two good buddies Dick Aerni and Dan Finnegan. I bet if collectively we all told our stories you wouldn’t think it possible. It seemed impossible till they did it.  I know Dick slept in abandoned buildings in order to make pots and Dan worked without wages for over a decade to build on his dream and me I have my fair share of beautiful scars. The moon shines off my beautiful scars.- Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.
Almost all the potter’s I know that live by the sword have given more than most are willing to even contemplate.  Yesterday I gave you your wish along with a cheque for $1million dollars. Try building your dream all on clay wages. That will be a test of your discipline, work ethic and tenacity. A deep bow and my hat off to you that have done it! You are my heroes. I will be in the midst of a bunch of heroes this weekend in Rochester.
Word has it that Ben Carter of the Red Clay Rambler is coming to Rochester to interview Dick, Mathew Metz and Bob Briscoe. Anthony Schaller is coming to look at good pots for his gallery. So dinner with my buddies tomorrow and then a potter’s dinner at the home of Peter Pincus on Satuday night. Here are some of Peter's pots/pieces.

This is my third Potter’s Invitational in the US this year. I feel comfortable in their shoes. I love America! I hope they can survive the next month.


Sandy Ellis said…
Bon appetite with fellow compadres, Tony. I, too, hope the US survives Trump' s empty rhetoric for the next month.

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