Tony's Ewerhouse

Seems I've been showing off some of the ewers that inhabit The Cactus Lounge. Here are three little ewers I decided to show ya today.
The first one is by Bruce Dehnert of Peter's Valley, NJ. Look at all the work in this piece. It is actually a two piece body. Bruce wedges wet silica sand into his porcelain to give this great texture that works so well with his very direct faceting. This ewer is really a piece of sculpture. Isn't that a nice foot.
Second one is Sheridan student work of Cassara Kennedy now working at Pinecroft as one of the major makers in the pottery. The thoughtfulness of the altering makes this a lovely little animated form. If I use this little piece when having company for dinner and they say nothing I never invite them back. They are boring people.
The third piece is really much more of a functional ewer I have used to present a wee dram of Glayva or Disaronno liquor. This piece is by Jim Etzkorn of my home town of  Medicine Hat, Alberta. Jim is a fine maker of functional pots.
Look at the time involvement in all of these pieces! There is certainly as much or more work involved in these small ewers as making a teapot. All this work at less than half the price. Yes, the kitchen functionality raises it's ugly little head at the Thanksgiving table again. If it is meant for use it must be cheaper. I get such delight out of using them and if they don't pour so well it's no big deal for me. The visual function of the work more than makes up for the dripping spout. If I can put up with me I can put up with them.


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