Tales from the Road

Some news from The Flour City of Rochester, NY. Some incredible work is rolling in the doors. If anyone is planning one of these events this one has got all the bases covered. All ya got to do is get potters that have done these shows for decades be involved in the process. They know what is appreciated when you go to all this work of making, packing, driving, setting up and all the host of things that are taken for granted by some. There are potters here from California, Montana, Minnesota and all over the country. 
Here are few things they do here that make it such a must do event.
I guess firstly I have to mention the quality of the makers. WOW so much talent in one building.

They feed and water you well. There is hot food and cold beer, wine and drinks available throughout the weekend.
There is a welcome pizza party for the potters.
There is a collector’s night where wine and good munchies are served.
There have been afternoon workshops given by some of the potter’s.
There is a Satuday night party for all the potters.
Here is a new thing for me. There is virtual shopping available. Phone Audrey at the Genessee Center 1-585-271-5183 and she will go around with an Ipad and photograph work for you. You can buy online and it will be packed and shipped. You pay the shipping of course.

Here a couple of the potters Matt Metz, Kenyon Hansen, Liz Quackenbush and Dan Finnegan.


Dennis Allen said…
It's a matter of do unto others. A show put on by other artists always seems more exhibitor centered than ones put on by the Ladies Aid and Tea Society. Happy exhibitors + happy show. I was at a show once where the show chair actually thought I would like to close my booth at 11AM, walk a couple of blocks down the street and be interviewed on the local radio station that ran on hamster power and probably didn't have 100 people listening.

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