Another Hot Woman in my Life

Kim Harcourt since you are recruiting the women in my life to fire your wood kiln you might as well take another top draft pick. Cathleen Nicholson of Sheridan College faculty has been firing off the Sheridan wood kiln with a new pack of rookies for the past 20 years. She knows that wood kiln like no other person on this planet.  She is an amazing stick handler and her clay work is always beautifully considered. Take this little ewer for instance. Two separate enclosed forms cut and put together so that the throwing marks are different on each side. The sweet little spout, the cut bottom, the funnel off to the side, the gnar gnar all put together on this sweet little pot. The time involved to make all these considerations is the same kind of care she takes with a kiln. If you invite her I will drive her. So that means you gotta invite me too. If Jen Drysdale and Cathleen leave me I’m going with them.


Cathleen said…
Feeling pretty heady that I made it onto the blog!
Thanks for the kind words and for the photos of that piece from '99(?), I like those 2D/3D guys too.
My 2nd yr students were really electrified by your demo and there's wheels-in-action and a soda kiln firing here at the Sheridan studio on a holiday weekend. Cheers to you!
Sounds like we have an exciting road trip in our future. Put the kettles on Marcelina, Kim and Bruce.
Happy Thanksgiving Tony
Bunny Safari said…
I knew as soon as I saw that ewer that it was from Ms Cathleen!! I am still Jerry Jealous that you and Eve have one!!! I seem to remember that we had some ingenious ways to describe its forms.....

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