Canada’s Newest Millionaire.

I just wrote myself a cheque for $1 million dollars. I just can’t cash it! I feel so much better now knowing that I am well off and I have money on my fridge door
if I only choose to cash it.
So here is my Thanksgiving gift to you. I’m going to give you a million dollars or at least I’m going to give you the dream of what you might do with a million dollars. You can do whatever your heart desires with that million.  Many would take off on a trip around the world, quit their job, start their own business or some kind of life changing event. They would start their quest for a meaningful life by changing the one they have. Their present life just ain’t their heart’s desire.  I always said’retirement assumes you’d rather be doing something else.”  Go ahead tell me what you are going to do with this new found gift.
Here’s how boring I am. I would do exactly what I’m doing.. I’d make pots! Perhaps Jack and I would sell The Cactus Lounge and we would get some more property in the woods and build a bigger studio with a full blown showroom. I’d buy a nice piece of property for a great studio and hope a house came along with it. I spend a lot of time in the studio so that is my real priority. I’d like a train kiln again so that would pretty well set me up for life.  Oh we’d go on a holiday every year to the places in my "to go" bucket.

I’d have a pile of money left over since my needs are simple and Jack just needs a good view to stare out. I’d probably just burn up the rest of the money making pots till it’s time for me to go trolling for ground trout.


I would keep making pots, finish the house, studio, and gallery renovation. Build a wood kiln. Then enjoy life without financial stress.
pattispots said…
You actually have one the check is shown numerically, so one thousand millions! Wonder if anyone could actually spend that much! Dream, dream, dream!

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