Big jugs

I shouldn't be making pots. I should be packing for my trip down south to Georgia to fire the Ratagama with Ronnie the Rat. I 'm going down to the Deep South to teach them about jugs. We call em jugs and they call em pitchers. We put big pitchers on the wall and small pitchers in our wallets.
I have been wondering what to make so when in doubt make jugs. I like big jugs, medium jugs, small jugs, round jugs, skinny jugs and all sorts of jugs. I use jugs for liquids. I use them for flowers. I use them for canes and umbrellas.
The skinnies with the white slip are going down to Georgia to be fired in the Ratagama. The big ones I made today will be drying out awaiting my return home to get the over the top shino treatment.
I'm debating on whether to take Jack the Bear with me or leave him home. I worry the Border Patrol might think I'm a tad odd travelling alone with my friend a Teddy Bear.  It would be good to have someone here at The Cactus Lounge just to water the plants and keep an eye on things. Scratch, Itch and the Pastor lack the initiative to do the maintenance of domestic life.


Gillian said…
Lovely jugs. I love jugs too.
Dennis Allen said…
Just tell Border Patrol Jack is helping you make a video of your travels . Then ask to take a picture of him holding Jack. I once went around the Niagara area with a Moose Puppet on top of my walking stick and took pictures of him at various sites. I ended up making a powerpoint for my class of Special Ed kids. Myron the Moose was a great conversationalist. People were constantly asking about him and he enjoyed the attention.
Annied01 said…
Dennis what a cool idea! Lovely!

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