How cool is this?????

Ronnie's neighbour photographer Harry Hayes has Flir attachment for his I-phone 6 that takes heat sensitive photos. This attachment can be used to take a picture of your door or windows to see where there is heat loss. I'm sure Border Patrol could use them to sense heat from bodies being illegally smuggled into the country. Harry decided to take some pics of the kiln during the cooling stages. You can see where a square of Kaowool was laid over the stoke hole. This is proof positive of the insulating value of 1" of fiber insulation on the arch of a kiln. You can also see how I can touch the very corners of the bricks on the stack but I'd burn my hand on the side walls.


smartcat said…
Fascinating photos. I've seen this used by heating installers, but this definitely is way more cool. And it gives you good information!
Lori Watts said…
Wow, for the first time I want an iPhone. Those are really cool! Well: really hot, probably. But you know what I mean.

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