The Sweet Smell of Grass

Dear Grass A BIG congratulations on your receiving the Order of Canada medal for a life time of achievement in the Arts in Canada and all over the world. There isn't a potters library that is complete without one of your books in it. Your teaching and written work have been legendary.  I must say you and your bride look amazing along side The Lieutenant Governor of BC Judith Guichon and the Aide-de Camp Jamie Webb. What a wonderful day for the two of you and for craft in Canada.
I am indeed humbled tonight to look at your picture and think back some 40 years when I was starting on this journey. Thank you Robin and Judi for all you have both done for me and for craft.
My love for you until Niagara falls. T


smartcat said…
Bravo Robin Hopper! You are a Hero Potter!
Thanks, Tony, for putting it all into words.
Unknown said…
Robin Hoppers book changed my life in the early to mid 80's ! I took a workshop at Highwater clay odyssey when he was there way way back just to thank him personally for that book ❤️
Mark Hewitt said…
Cool!! Well done Robin.
Anonymous said…
Lot of water under that bridge!

Bravo, Grass!

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