Advice from Big Bobby Clobber

Yes, I am Canadian and believe that hockey is the greatest sport in the world- 50% war and 50% ballet.  Big Bobby Clobber was the persona of comedian Dave Broadfoot of The Royal Canadian Air Farce.
For the two past years I had been invited to the Rochester Potter’s Invitational Show in Upper New York State. I have to admit openly I don’t enjoy doing shows. I’m not fond of people walking by my work and not looking at it  and it may surprise you but I don’t do small talk well. I go to hang out with the potters and if something sells that's a bonus. 
One of the things I enjoyed about the show was being in the company of people that know the ropes. One of those was Big Bobby Clobber my name for Bob Briscoe from Minnesota. Bob is one of the originators of the St.  Croix River Valley Potter’s Tour which is the envy of many tours. Bob is rumoured to have clobbered on this weekend because of the amazing experience he and his bride created. A very good marketing mind coupled with some fine work..
Over a wobbly pop in Rochester I said “ Bob, you have no mugs for sale!” He answered “ If I bring mugs they don’t buy the one offs”. I answered “ I bring mugs because that is what they seem to buy!”
I’m getting ready for a wood firing and I have quite a few mugs. Bobby Clobber was sitting on my shoulder. No mugs go into the wood firing. This antiquing, distressed look already takes enough time why add to it a wood firing? Will you charge more money for the pots if they are wood fired? No, I answered and so no mugs go to the wood kiln. I have always maintained it is my choice to wood fire not the customers.  I have workshops coming up in BC and I always send work for sale. It helps keep bacon on the table for the family back home in The Cactus Lounge.

Mugs always sell! I love making them
! .  So Scratch whadda ya think? Do I  send dozens of mugs or a couple of killer one offs? A wise lawyer always knows the answer to the question before it is asked.  Do I have the courage of Big Bobby Clobber?


smartcat said…
WOW! Those are SOME MUGS!
I find mugs one of those deceptively simple items. Anything can hold a beverage, but to achieve the balance of visual and usable pleasure takes talent, wisdom and experience.
So! I buy mugs because they are generally fine examples of a potter's work. Plus as a poor potter I can usually afford a mug!

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